Firbank Road, Newall Green, Wythenshawe, Manchester, M23 2YS

School Mission Statement

St Peter’s Catholic Primary School

is built on the values of

love, kindness, respect and forgiveness,

in a safe and nurturing community,

where everyone enjoys learning and fulfils their potential.

We . . . Love Jesus, Love learning, Love life.

  We aim:

    • To provide a curriculum rooted in the Catholic faith which supports pupils and adults on their faith journey.  

    • To be an inclusive school that ensures that all learners are given equality of opportunity and treated fairly.  

    • To promote and achieve high standards; through the provision of the highest quality teaching and learning.  

    • To ensure that all learners benefit from a rich, broad, balanced curriculum with opportunities for first-hand experience, practical work, investigation as well as visits and trips to enhance the learning experience.  

    • To treat learners as individuals and to differentiate teaching and learning to take account of their individual and special needs.  

    • To make connections between subjects which allow pupils to apply basic skills across the curriculum.  

    • To provide well for learners’ physical, mental, social, spiritual, moral and cultural needs.  

    • To provide well for pupil care, health and safety.  

    • To give responsibility to pupils through developing their contribution to the community.  

    • To make parents and the wider community equal partners with the school and to involve them in the evaluation of its success.