School Day

8.55 am

Children line up in playground

9.00 am

Lessons start

9.30 am

Registers close

10.30 am

KS1+2 playtime (Year 1 and 2)

11.30 am - 12.45 pm

EYFS lunch (Nursery and Reception)

11.45 am - 12.45 pm

KS1 Lunch (Year 1 and 2)

12.15 pm - 1.15 pm

KS2 Lunch (Year 3, 4, 5, 6)


KS1 playtime (Year 1 and 2)

3.15 pm

School finishes


Parents/carers are welcome to attend school assemblies. These include:

  • A weekly celebration assembly which takes place every Friday at 9.30am.
  • Class assemblies and the celebration of Mass. These take place on an alternate fortnightly basis every Thursday at 9.30am.

Please see the weekly newsletter for dates.



Arriving late for school has a detrimental influence as children can miss initial learning opportunities. Lateness can lead to a poor habit that can carry on in High School where they will miss a key social time at the start of day. To put this into context 10 minutes late every day is the equivalent of missing 6 full days in a year, while 30 minutes late every day is the equivalent of missing 4 full weeks in a year. In saying this we do realise that there are occasions where events occur that are out of parents control (weather/ late buses etc.) and we ask that you do leave enough time to make the journey safely.