Fieldwork Day - Thursday 19th May 2022

On Thursday, children from all year groups carried out fieldwork within our school grounds and around our local area.


Children in nursery explored their outdoor area and made drawings of their favourite places.


Reception carried out a traffic survey on the road infront of our school. Some children walked to the post box, noticing familiar places in our local area.

Year 1

Children in year 1 explored our school grounds, looking at human and physical geography. They also talked about the different features of our school and reflected on how these areas are used.

Year 2

Year 2 took a walk to the park to look at human and physical geography around our local area.

Using Geographic Information Systems (GIS) in Geography

Year 2 have been using GIS to identify the United Kingdom and countries, continents and oceans around the world. 

As part of their physical geography topic on volcanoes and earthquakes, children in Year 3 have been using GIS to find out about volcanoes and where in the world they are located.

Geography in Year 2

Children have been learning how to use maps, atlases and globes to identify the countries of the United Kingdom and other locations around the world.