All children in Key Stage 2 learn Spanish every week.  Here are some examples of the topics that they have been learning about and the work that they have been doing:

Y3 My Pets - Mis Mascotas

Y4 My Family - Mi Familia

Y5 Myself - Yo Mismo

Y6 My body - Mi Cuerpo

Spanish Day

Children enjoyed learning about spanish culture on Spanish Day.  They learned about Spanish cities, festivals and food. 


In Spanish, children learn lots of different songs to help then to remember key vocabulary. Here are some YouTube links so that children can practice the songs at home too!

Hello, How Are You?: Spanish Song For Children - "Hola Hola" (Song Only) - YouTube

Good Morning!: Buenos Dias Good Morning - Spanish Greeting Song by Native Speaker - YouTube

Days of The Week:   Days of the Week Spanish Song  Cancion Dias de la Semana Miss Rosi - YouTube

Months of The Year:  Learn the Months of the Year in Spanish Song - Kid's Spanish songs - YouTube

Numbers to 10:Numbers Song in Spanish. Cancion de los Numeros. - YouTube

Numbers to 20: Spanish Counting Song 1-20 - I Can Count In Spanish - YouTube