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Physical Activities

Physical Activities

Get Set 4 PE have lots of different physical activity challenges.  Go the their website to download a new challenge each day Get Set 4 PE

Sports Day at home - PE can be all about individual challenges.  You could try these sports day challenges from Healthy Schools

Click on the link to a plan for daily physical activity using an idea from the Dr Seuss books  Alphabet fitness Bingo You could extend this by asking children to think of their own words to exercise to or use words from a reading book.  Children could write sentences containing the word or write a definition for the word, by looking it up in a dictionary.

Here are some links to online physical activities to join in with:

Morning P.E session - Joe Wicks LIVE active workout      

CBeebies – Andy's Wild Workouts                                 

Change for Life 10 minute shake ups                            

Yoga activities for children   


Manchester City have sent some activities that children in early years might like to do

How Tall am I

Pirate Island

Count what you see

Head to Toe