Firbank Road, Newall Green, Wythenshawe, Manchester, M23 2YS

🤖 EKO STEM Workshop 🤖

Today Year 5 & 6 were able to take part in an amazing EKO STEM workshop led by Rob and Jack from Hyett Education. We had a chance to build our own robots, following careful instructions to connect motors and wheels; then we had the chance to customise them by adding sensors, lights and lots more. 

Our coding skills were put to the test as we had to build algorithms to help our robots navigate the tricky paths laid out. We used lots of trial and improvement to debug our codes to make it all the way through. 

Once we had mastered our coding, Jack and Rob challenged us to customise our robots so they would be able to collect the minature nuclear waste cannisters and rocks. We added extra motors and arms, used gears and levers, and some of us even managed to code our robots to pick the waste up and drive away. We had a fantastic morning: take a look at some of our amazing robots below.