Headteacher                                       Mrs C Quinn

Assistant Headteacher                         Mrs N Knowles

Assistant Headteacher                         Mrs L Coombs

Early Years Foundation Stage Lead       Miss N Fielding

Designated Safeguarding Leads  Mrs C Quinn, Mrs N Knowles, Mrs D Mullen, Mrs C Early, Mrs N Eaton-Barnes

Class Teachers

Mrs N Knowles

Mrs L Coombs

Miss N Fielding

Miss K Stafford

Miss G Bailo

Miss A Gagan

Mrs C Early

Miss A Pratt

Miss J Zolnierczuk


Other Teachers

Miss C Lackey

Mrs J Royle

Teaching Assistants

Miss J Cawley

Mrs J Harkin

Miss L McNally

Mrs C Metcalf

Mrs D Mullen

Mrs L Sheldon

Miss A Stott

Mrs P Bonczoszek-Wright

Mrs A Kirkwood

Ms K Leonard

Ms L Wilkinson

Ms K Bowry

Lunchtime Staff

Ms T Massey

Mrs M Kendrick

Miss P Miley

Miss A Peters

Miss J Peters

Miss A Phoenix

Mrs L Dyson

Ms S Packham 

Other Staff

Mrs N Eaton-Barnes (Business Manager)

Mrs A Moloney (Administrator)

Mrs L McNally (Administrator)

Mr P Doherty (Caretaker)

Class teachers will be available each morning and at home time, in the school playground.  Alternatively you can contact us on 0161 437 1495 to leave a message which will be passed on to the relevant member of staff.