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Family Learning Activities

Here are a range of family activities from the Parental Engagement Network.  They are mostly aimed at EYFS/KS1 children, but can be used or adapted for older children.

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RE Resources

Ten Ten have shared some resources for families to pray together

Daily prayer resources 

Sunday Liturgy and prayer resources, including links to hymns and bible stories

 Below is a list of websites with games and activities and ideas for activities to do at home with your children.  We will try and add to the list regularly.

Websites with links to a range of different activities for children across the school to use


Twinkl, a resource that many teachers use for teaching resources, has made resources available to parents.  Register on the page, using the offer code CVDTWINKLHELPS

There is also a home learning hub which includes useful information for parents and can be accessed using the dode above.

For children who love science, the Children’s University of Manchester website is an excellent interactive resource in which your child can browse a number of different science topics which have a quiz at the end of each unit  

BBC Bitesize has a range of different learning activities for subjects across the curriculum, linked to different topics.  Each class page on our school website has information about the topics the children have been studying this term  Link to a range of learning information and activities for different age groups Link to a range of learning information and activities for different age groups

The Young Peoples Trust for the Environment have created some activity packs relating to learning about the environment.  The first one is all about plants, click on the link to download the activity pack and find out more, Learning about plants.   They have more links on their home learning packs page Home Learning Packs

Code Camp provides children with a way to create their own games using simple programming  

STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering and Maths) have lots of ideas on their website for Science and Technology based activities

Phonics activities for EYFS and KS1

Phonics Play

Games and activities for children to do to help them with learning phonics and reading which are now free to subscribe to using the codes on the page

Phonics Tracker

Phonics tracker, one of the resources we use in school for teaching has made some of their games available online for parents 


Resources and activities for younger children to do Website with ideas and lots of links to other websites and apps for children to use



Physical Activities

Click on the link to a plan for daily physical activity using an idea from the Dr Seuss books  Alphabet fitness Bingo You could extend this by asking children to think of their own words to exercise to or use words from a reading book.  Children could write sentences containing the word or write a definition for the word, by looking it up in a dictionary.

Here are some links to online physical activities to join in with:

Morning P.E session - Joe Wicks LIVE active workout       

CBeebies – Andy's Wild Workouts                                  

The Youth Sport Trust have links to lots of different physical activities to do at home.  Scroll to the bottom of the page to see the links to PE Home Learning, active breaks, 60 second challenges and active learning



Oxford Owl have a range of online books, which are free, but you need to login to use them

Book Trust have some books to read freely available online without logging in

David Walliams is reading extracts from some of his books, the link can be found on his website


Current Affairs

Picture News are providing free news videos each week specifically designed for children


Competitions  to enter

Have a look at this competition to enter if you want to get creative with sharing the message about the importance of handwashing (closing date 31/6/20)