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Science Curriculum Statement

Science Curriculum overview

Science in the Early Years is part of Knowledge and Understanding of the World. 



Science Day - March 2024

As part of National Science week, we held a whole school Science Investigation Day in school.  Children worked together in small groups with children from different classes across the school to carry out a range of different investigations and challenges.  As well as lots of Science learning, it was fabulous to see our older children developing their leadership skills.

Floating Investigation

Miss Pratt led investigations to find out which was the best boat.  Children created different shaped boats out of tin foil and then tested out their theories, by seeing which boat would hold the heaviest weight without sinking.

Floating Investigation - image 0
Floating Investigation - image 1
Floating Investigation - image 2
Floating Investigation - image 3

Building Investigations

Mrs Knowles led an investigation to find out who could build the tallest tower out of cups and lolly sticks and Miss Stafford led an investigation into who could build the strongest bridge out of paper.  Children tested out lots of different design techniques.

The tallest tower was over 160cm tall!

Building investigations - image 0
Building investigations - image 1
Building investigations - image 2
Building investigations - image 3
Building investigations - image 4
Building investigations - image 5
Building investigations - image 6
Building investigations - image 7
Building investigations - image 8
Building Investigations 2 - image 0
Building Investigations 2 - image 1
Building Investigations 2 - image 2

Physical Investigations

Mrs Gill linked Science and PE to investigate which children could do the most start jumps in a minute.  The children had lots of different theories about whether children who were taller, had longer legs or did lots of sports were the quickest at doing star jumps.  The quickest star jumper in the school was Rishi in Year 6 who did more star jumps than anyone else.

physical investigation - image 0
physical investigation - image 1
physical investigation - image 2
physical investigation - image 3